The Physiocrats
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Some Shit Advice /// DIANA HAMILTON

—shitting is a punishment for still being alive

An excerpt from Shit Advice Columnist.

13 pp. | 100 copies | excerpt (pdf)

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She knew exactly
how it would go

An excerpt from She Got Up, a fiction.

14 pp. | 100 copies | photo | excerpt (pdf)

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if you could hose
your lungs
you should

19 pp. | 100 copies | photo | excerpt (pdf)

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Leaving the Atocha Station /// BEN LERNER

what is a museum guard to do

Selections from the novel Leaving the Atocha Station.

21 pp. | 100 copies | photo | excerpt (pdf)

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Cold Genius /// AARON KUNIN

Stupid pretending to be
Smart could be smarter than smart
Pretending to be stupid

26 pp. | 100 copies | photo | excerpt (pdf)

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Live a Little Better /// DANIEL NOHEJL *

A person as a process, anything as a process, that everything processes, emerges from processes, disappears into processes loudly mutely, loudly from within to without, mutely from without, loudly-mutely from within-without, in-out.

A publication of the Institute for Human Phenology.

21 pp. | 100 copies | photo

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